Welcome to New Day Christian Fellowship!  Join us this Sunday.  Be a part of something special. Open your heart and see the evidence of His work. 

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Our Location

We welcome you to our facility. Dress up. Dress down. Doesn't matter.  We only care that you want to spend your morning with us. Let's look forward to good things together!

As a follower of Jesus, we have a three-fold Mission...



God inhabits the praise of His people. We gather, not as perfect people, but as those  who celebrate the God of all creation.


The Bible is a compilation of letters and instructions from God to humanity.  These instructions teach us how to get along with God, with others, how to live in community, how to live, period!  We need to know what it has to say, so we read it. 


The place where we live, work, go to school and so much more.  We are sent out into the world to make a kingdom difference.  We look for opportunities to point people back to God who longs for those who are missing from His family.  Come join us on this adventure.