Sunday Mornings

Nursery available


You have an important meeting tomorrow.  Do you throw on just any ol’ thing or do you spend some time thinking what would be the most appropriate for that important appointment?  You may not realize this but each day we encounter any number of people. You and I will represent Jesus to the people we meet.  Are you ready to meet them?  I mean really ready for the challenges some of those encounters will require?  What if I told you that God has just the “clothing” you need to face the challenges waiting for you?  Would you take the time to get properly dressed?  You can and this Sunday we’ll look at what that means in our everyday lives to “Dress for Success” based on Colossians 3:12-14. 

Nursery for infants through 2 yrs old.

Kid’s Connection for kids 3 through 2nd grade during worship.